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4x4 Contest for 23-24 Club Presidents
The 4x4 Contest is only for presidents for the 23-24 year.
Bring yourself and 3 other members from your club to the 4 district events and your name
goes in the hat for $250 cash. (Paid out of Vicky’s personal funds.)
June 10th – Club Assembly
August 26th – Vibrant Club Seminar
January 7th Mid-Year
May 2-5th District Conference
Must be registered for the District Conference.  Must attend Conference events either Friday or Saturday and be at the Governor’s Saturday Night Banquet.
Winner will be drawn at the banquet.  Must be present to win!
Mark your calendars for the next district meeting!
FYI - Bi-Meeting – Bring yourself and at least one other club member
to one of the meetings listed above. Or, if you can’t be there, send at least two members to the meeting.  Can only use the Bi one time.  Can not be used in place of the Governor’s
Banquet.  Must be at banquet to win.